Below you will find information on some of our projects.

World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT)

WCPT web site image

WCPT is an international non-profit professional organisation based in London.

Having first started working with WCPT in the late 1990s, we completely re-developed their website in 2008/09, and again in 2013. The result is a more dynamic and interactive site, with their contact and membership databases being fully integrated, thus providing a "one stop shop" for both their staff and visitors to their website. Read more ...


Chris Hiley

Chris Hiley site image

Chris Hiley was setting out on a freelance writing career in health and medicine and needed a website to present herself as a knowledgeable health professional who could write interesting things. She liked Simon Crompton’s site and wanted something in a similar vein, but without ripping it off. It became obvious that a blog would help, so this was added after the initial website was developed.

Chris had a clear idea of what she didn’t want in a website but less idea about what she did. No fuss, bother, bangs, bells and whistles. No yellow. No animations or Times New Roman. Going for clarity and professionalism.
Read more ...

Simon Crompton

Simon Crompton web site image

Simon has been a health journalist for 20 years, and is currently medical editor for The Times's weekly health supplement, Body & Soul. He also writes for a number of professional, statutory and voluntary organisations, and has won a number of awards for his patient information work and journalism. Simon has recently written "All About Me: Loving a Narcissist" published by Collins.

Simon had a very clear idea of how he wanted his site to look - clean and simple lines without the use of too many graphics or colours. Read more ...

BA Equestrian

BA Equestrian web site image

BA Equestrian is a competition training yard based at Longhorn Stables near Preston in Lancashire.

Barbara and Martin were keen to have a website and wanted something clean and simple that would help profile the services the offer. The pink colour scheme is based on Barbara's cross country colours!




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