Chris Hiley

What Chris says about working with us ...

Rivermede made what was in my head seem perfectly sensible when it came out of my mouth, even when it patently wasn’t, like the time I mentioned I was asking them to make a website I didn’t want anyone to look at. I meant that it wasn’t a site to attract just anyone - I was using it like a fat business card, not for social or personal use. My site visitors would be people with little time and likely to respond really badly to complex navigation and styling but I didn’t want it to look homemade as I could get that effect, and then some, by doing it all myself.

I find the content management system a doddle to use, so I feel properly in charge of the site and how I appear on it. I can experiment with what’s on the site without wondering if someone can find time to do it for me. I now have Google Analytics to keep track of traffic so I can see what happens once I begin to market my very own dotcom.

I had most contact with Rachel and she was easy to work with; even mad design conversations about ‘the bit on the left, under the line at the top’ and ‘the other bit on the right near the button we discussed yesterday’ worked. We did the whole thing remotely and have never met. I was vague about my timetable all the way through and they slotted in with this. No hassling to hurry up.

Recommend them? Gosh yes.

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